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MAYER. Peace Collection

MAYER. Peace Collection

mise à jour 18 mai 2013

Vêtements femme

Christine Mayer

Origine Berlin

English | Deutsch

MAYER. Peace Collection:

MAYER. Peace Collection represents the fusion of fashion, charity and the transformation of recycled material. Every garment is hand-made, and therefore unique. As each material holds its own history, it is Christine Mayer’s intention to sense the stories of their past lives. By offering them an exclusive, positive transformation, each piece is bestowed with a new purpose. The resulting polarising combinations of rough materials and highly feminine fits characterise the MAYER. Peace Collection. Made to support the personality of its wearer, they shall provide strength to live your individuality and to move beyond your own limits. Moreover, a part of the earnings of MAYER. Peace Collection inures to the benefit of various charity projects for children in Nepal and India.


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