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mise à jour 28 février 2014

Vêtements femme, Chaussures femme, Vêtements homme, Chaussures hommes, Vêtements enfants, Vêtements de sport, Accessoires, Sacs, Parfum

Thomas Meyer

Depuis 1984

Origine Ibiza

English | Español | Deutsch


Desigual is characterised by its distinctive, upbeat and colourful designs. The company began to operate in 1984. Life is cool, has been Desigual’s slogan from the very beginning; it’s a way of understanding fashion and life. It’s an enthusiastic, positive and optimistic message that truly nails their colours to the mast. It’s a phrase that reflects Desigual’s raison d’être and is ingrained in the brand’s DNA and core values; a manifesto that explains how to face the world each day and that is reflected in a fun, fresh and original way of dressing. We create clothing with passion.


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Rue Saint Adalbert 18