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A Kind of Guise

A Kind of Guise

mise à jour 23 janvier 2014

Vêtements femme, Vêtements homme, Accessoires, Sacs, Accessoires maison

Yasar Ceviker

Depuis 2009

Origine Munich


„Our signature is to mix up traditional elements from different backgrounds that inspire us. We use selected
premium materials and combine function and handpicked details.“

A Kind Of Guise was born by a common interest in creating. We met in Munich in the summer of 2009 working on various creative projects. For our first joint project we bought left over vintage leather from an old medicine ball factory from which we crafted a limited number of various bags. While the demand was increasing, we continued producing the bags as well as other various other products.

Within short time our enthusiasm for creating clothing and other items for people to enjoy grew and in the beginning of 2010 we produced a collection of various purposeful men’s garments and bags, all literally one of a kind pieces, which we sold at the Harvest store in Munich. By the time summer rolled around, another mini-collection had come about, which was taken to Berlin to be presented and sold at the Wood Wood store, where the pieces again were met with great interest from fashion press and customers alike.

By the end of 2010 we did a third collection, this time womenswear - a first - drawing from the same mood as the men’s collections. Feeding off the positive response to our projects and collections, we made the decision to start creating a seasonal menswear collection, launching the first in the summer of 2011 and adding a full womenswear collection in the fall of 2012.

All products are made in Germany. „We want to support the place we’re from and are trying to keep it as local as possible.“

„AKOG is an expression of ourselves and our influences. Basically, what we are is what we create.“


You can travel and search for new experiences as much as you like, but there are only very few moments that beat the feeling of “coming home”. This season, we want to share the joy of being able to call a place your home. For us, this place is Munich, Germany.

But no matter where home might be for you, it‘s about waking up to your immediate surroundings, seeing new things and getting to know exciting new people. For the season of AW/13 we tried to translate these daily influences into our line as well as all of our other creative outlets.

Driven by our peers, we still continue to do what we think is best, knowing that if it’s good for us and our friends, it will be good for you, too.

There is always something new to discover at your home. So keep it local.