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a pair

a pair

mise à jour 19 mai 2009

Vêtements femme, Chaussures femme, Vêtements homme, Chaussures hommes, Accessoires

Tanja Nielsen


We have a passion for shoes. Trendy and edgy high quality shoes of Scandinavian design combined with the Italian tradition of shoe making. We aim at making outstanding shoes. Beautiful and elegant shoes for women. Classic and daring shoes for men.

The brand a pair originated in 1995 from one the hottest shoe shops in Copenhagen. The passion for designing and producing was released in 2003 with the private brand a pair. Shoes that enhance the individuality and personality of the person wearing



Our concept is being on top of fashion as well as having a dynamic approach to retailing. The keywords have always been beauty, quality and simplicity. Our shoe designs are a powerful combination of Italian temper with Scandinavian tradition for timeless design.


Danish designer Tanja Nielsen has been designing a pair shoes and bags since 2005. „I get inspired travelling in Italy, watching the beautiful Italian people eating, drinking and enjoying life.“

„I adore heels, stilettos and pumps. A woman´s body gets that final touch wearing these kinds of shoes, so elegant, so sexy!“

„Shoes are THE most important accessory – they will make or break an entire outfit. Woman or man.“