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ACE JEANS by Dress-O-Rama

ACE JEANS by Dress-O-Rama

mise à jour 24 mars 2011

Vêtements femme, Vêtements homme

Origine Berlin

Ace by Dress-O-Rama Jeans are made with 14oz. indigo dyed double selvedge Italian vintage denim woven on original 1950s looms. The embroidery on the back pockets are stylized racing flags. The cut is a comfortable 1940s one. Ace by Dress-O-Rama Jeans are made in Europe. The brand was established in 2001.

One customer wore his Ace by Dress-O-Rama Jeans during a motorcycle accident he had in which he slid 15 meters over the concrete. The jeans weren´t damaged and doctors in hospital said that they have never seen that a pair of jeans didn´t rip in an accident like that. It prevented the customer from spending hours getting the fibres washed out of his wounds.


1 Magasin pour ACE JEANS by Dress-O-Rama dans Berlin

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