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mise à jour 23 août 2012

Vêtements femme, Chaussures femme, Vêtements homme, Sacs

Origine Berlin

English | Deutsch


The fashion label Adddress was founded in the Fall of 2003 by Andreea Vrajitoru after completing her degree in fashion design earlier the same year at the FHTW - the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. After a stint enhancing her practical skills in the design rooms and on the cutting floors of the popular New York fashion house, Anna Sui, she returned to Berlin opening an atelier and showroom from where her first collection Fall/Winter 03/04 was launched.


The leitmotiv of the design is a conjuncture of classic/modern principles with a certain streetwise flair. In this way, the apparel is structurally innovated along specific thematic lines. With each new collection, Adddress reinterprets classical and nostalgic elements of apparel, breathing into it a fresher and more contemporary look while retaining the underlying aesthetic, as can be seen in the latest collection, Fall/Winter 09/10.


The Victorian Age, the 20's and the 60's, with their experimental approach to the design process, are the dominating influences in the collections. Each garment is crafted with dedication and an unflinching attentiveness to detail.


Design, choice of material and the quality of the tailoring bring together clothing of easy elegance that is at once individual and at the same time, timeless. Wearability is combined with an extraordinary attention detail to present a distinctive cut that stands gracefully apart. The essential sleekness of shape is spared from the constraints of form through refined elements of couturier that include the 20's inspired clothing, for example, owes its indolence to a play of opposites in which volume and freedom of motion are subtly concealed by straight and seemingly simple forms. Ever mysterious but consciously reduced in mass, the female form emerges in a new silhouette, light and appealing.


In order to emphasize the look of casual chic, single colors as well as monochromatic patterns are the general rule. The finest quality cottons, wools and silks reinforce the elegance of line and expert tailoring.