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mise à jour 25 septembre 2011

Vêtements femme, Accessoires, Sacs, Bijoux

Catarina Enes; Bruno Alves

Depuis 2006

Origine Porto

afilhadedeus is a portuguese label founded in 2006 by two fine-arts artists working together in fashion design since 2004. Their creativity and perseverance gave birth to the afilhadedeus showroom in Porto.

Set up to dress God's daughter (afilhadedeus/God's daughter) they drawed the character's moods, favorite colors, political sides, personal vices and simply displayed the results. Working with prints reminding our lost childhood, resizing the parameters of human body and twisting the establisments of fashion, afilhadedeus work is, bottom line, for every being who whishes to dress uniquely. We are all God's flock, are we not?