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Alma & Lovis - fair garments

Alma & Lovis - fair garments

mise à jour 24 juin 2013

Vêtements femme

Depuis 2010

Origine Ratisbonne

English | Deutsch

Alma & Lovis is a German eco-fashion label founded in 2010 by designers with nearly 20 years of experience creating organic and natural clothing.

Respect for the planet and its people is at the core of the company’s philosophy.

The label specializes in women's fashion and accessories, with long- lasting designs and loving attention to detail.

Mindful of the impact of textile and clothing production, sustainability is of primary importance to Alma & Lovis, as are social solidarity, respect for nature, ecological responsibility and resource efficiency.

We utilize natural premium materials such as organic cotton, organic linen, hemp, silk and wool, adhering to GOTS and other recognized certification standards.

All products are manufactured under fair working conditions, with an emphasis on local and socially responsible production: clean and fair with respect to man and nature.

Alma & Lovis actively explores the relationship between the arts and fashion through close work with artists and participation in exhibitions.