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mise à jour 17 septembre 2013

Vêtements homme, Vêtements de sport

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The lifestyle brand AMERICAN CHIEF® is the expression of a spirit that has been emerging since 1963 A.D., combining individualistic attitudes with an outstanding achievement in design and quality.

During periods of upheaval and social injustice, it were only certain individuals who represented values like equality and freedom. Their very personal convictions and pursuit of justice came to change the history of entire nations, also establishing new lifestyles.

Those leaders became sports idols (C.Clay), presidents (J.F. Kennedy), activists (M. King) and reformers (Malcolm X), and they were commonly referred to as "American Chiefs".

In tribute to those, we accomplished suitable designs and established high-grade quality standards for our apparel, by using indestructible fabrics, approved applique and print treatments and exclusive designs, that will remain comfortable, timeless and unique.


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