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Andersen & Lauth

Andersen & Lauth

mise à jour 22 février 2010

Vêtements femme, Vêtements homme

Depuis 1934

Origine Reykjavík

The Andersen & Lauth spring 2009 collection is called “ one special summer ” .

We were browsing through our favorite bookstore in Reykjavik and found a book made from Jacqueline Bouvier ( later Jackie Kennedy ) and her sister Lee Bouvier about their summer in Europe in the golden age of travel. Traveling in the sixties was much more of an adventure then it is today. You did not go for a night or two... it was more of a summer travel. Endess adventures in new and exotic places, trains, boats and luxury traveling like crossing the atlantic with by ocean liner and it seems that time simply moved slower than today in those days. People dressed up for traveling, planed it carefully, carefully choose the wardrobe, stylish and sophisticated. They sent postcards home....

......This was an ode to discovery and fine living.

Sun, sand, beach, romance, luxury, bohemian living, men chasing women, beating hearts, stolen kisses, faded colors, embroideries, prints and handmade luxorius details on silk, hippy and sexy, Washed and worn, the push-pull between the temptress and the renegade, the siren and seperatist. Soft layering, tailoring at it´s best... We Love What We Do, We keep history alive.

Don’t forget your passport... We Love What We always the message in our designs, created with a whole lot of passion The vintage inspired collection are given an almost poetic feel by the collections and books designed in the style and spirit of enturies old eclectic diaries steeped in history. The pieces,many of which are handmade,take you on a romantic journey through a variety of eras and genres, with fashion inspiration coming from Rock’n’roll, punk and the contemporary art scene as well as the icelandic roots in trditional craftsmanship .

If you want to see the making of the collection in real life go


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