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Anja Bruhn

Anja Bruhn

mise à jour 14 juillet 2011


Anja Bruhn

Origine Berlin

English | Deutsch

The Berlin label anja bruhn stands for first-class accessories of exclusive quality which ensure a glamorous

appearance in every circumstance of life. Along with extravagant handbags, clutches, laptop-bags and purses, form-fitting belts of high-quality leather are part of the collection which is manufactured inelaborated handcraft.

Being born in Berlin, the atmosphere and style of the metropolis have always been an important inspiration

for Anja Bruhn: In her collection she combines modern designs like her “bling bag” with typical vintage

elements such as golden coin chains and silver locks.After her engagement with the successful Berlin label ‘Kaviar Gauche’, where she was responsible for thedesign of bags already, she went into business for herself in May 2007. She learned her trade at a Berlintailoring and afterwards implemented her passion for bags into her final diplom thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Anja Bruhn works with high-end leathers exclusively, including lamb nappaleather, calfskin, porc suede and goat skin (partly coated with metallic foils). Special embossing andextravagant designs add a distinctive and individual look to all her pieces.

anja bruhn accessories are reliable every day companions – as manifold as life itself: classic, business,

urban, handy, stylish, glamorous and elegant! The combination of functionality and design, the harmonic

composition of various sorts and patterns of leather, as well as the finest, loving handcraft add a personal

touch to every single piece of the collection. Adorable companions which perfectly illuminate every outfit

and have become must-haves to women who want to obtain a special favourite piece.


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