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anja gockel

anja gockel

mise à jour  3 janvier 2014

Vêtements femme

Origine Mayence

15 years of Anja Gockel

Prêt-à-Porter deluxe

„Confashion” - the name of the current winter collection by Anja Gockel, in the year of the label’s anniversary, 2011. For the German designer, her designs are a symbol of confession – to herself and to her lifestyle. The new collection defines itself through the interplay of colours: from galactic icy blue to an earthy truffle like shade. The silhouette varies from a smart blazer to a chic skirt. “My creations shall reflect the personality of the woman, wearing my designs,” says Anja Gockel. Artful details enable to experience value and significance in a new way. Her collection is reliable and sexy, as well as practical in combination with dramatic. As a creative person, entrepreneur, wife and mother of four children; her fashion is heavily influenced by balance.

“I have never played with dolls – instead, I portrayed my own world”

Just one day after her high school graduation, she flew to the US; after her return, attended the college of art and design in Hamburg/Germany, got hold of one of the rare college places at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School in London/UK, worked for Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Vivienne Westwood, before she founded her label “anja gockel – london” in 1996.

This year, Anja Gockel celebrates the 15th anniversary of her label in Mainz, where she returned to in 2000.

“Now I know, that this was not just all a dream”, says the designer, who contributes to the final shows of “Germany’s next Topmodel” since 2007; who’s designs are appreciated and requested by stars, such as Diane Kruger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Schwarz, Queen Silvia of Sweden and Martina Hill, and which are presented by supermodels, such as Alek Wek and Lily Cole during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. There, she presents her collection “anja gockel – london”, a casual as well as elegant daywear line and “anja gockel – red carpet”, a sophisticated and exciting eveningwear line. “Women have so many facets”, Anja Gockel adores, “and I want to give them the opportunity, to be adequately dressed for every occasion”. Whether the woman attends a board meeting or a playground; her designs play along, does the designer promise. In Anja Gockel’s opinion, dresses are not meant to dress a woman up, like a costume does. From a size 36 to a size 48 – her clothes are a creation of emotions and experience, transmitting self-confidence and awareness. Customers in over 100 exclusive boutiques in more than 20 countries, worldwide, appreciate this combination.

“Balance is my main goal, which means combining and balancing career, children and happiness.”

Not just in her private life, Anja Gockel aims for this goal; but also in society. As president of the German department of IWF (International Women’s Forum), Anja Gockel takes a stand for the possibility for every woman to have a suitable and balance professional as well as private, family life – especially working in elite positions.

“The extraordinary is what distinguishes me; not the right thing”

Behind all this stands the personality Anja Gockel: with her urgency she was able to create a highly motivated, creative team, which from the beginning has been writing a success story. This story is formed through hard work, discipline, energy and creativity. Over all counts team spirit. Anja Gockel is convinced, that a creative climate can just be developed through a kind and respectful communication and contact. She follows her motto: “conspiracy against the textile boredom” consequently, anywhere, at any time. Her collections are always unlike the previous, but always unique: Anja Gockel.