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mise à jour 16 novembre 2010



inspires and escorts your appetite for wearing just like what the sun dose to blossom flowers.

Antipasto is a small dish prepared at the beginning of an Italian cuisine. Just as how antipasto enlightens ones to have great expectations for the main dish to come, “Being an inspiration to fashion,” ANTIPAST is named to pursue and perform in the same manner. ANTIPAST also signifies another aspect of the brand role in fashion, which is “ANTI-PAST.” The brand name itself has been designed to represent our beliefs and ideas toward the production of our original items which inspires creativity and arouses excitements to the unprecedented value in wearing.


When words and textures weave lustrous trailing notes, laughters bounce and flowers bloom.

+ANTIPAST is the result of pursuance for new expressions and dimensions which ANTIPAST has explored.

It is through the desire “to bring forth a completely new dish” which enabled this intermediary plate that free spiritedly connects the products of ANTIPAST to the main dish of fashion. Such additional inspirations from +ANTIPAST shall realize significant varieties of new flavors, colors and textures to further enlighten ones’ desire for fashion.