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APlus Organic Collection

APlus Organic Collection

mise à jour  3 février 2011

Vêtements femme

Annalisa Pagetti & Raffaella Lavezzi

Origine Paris

Aplus is a collection of tees and tops in organic cotton. All designers are based on Annalisa Pagetti's drawings, using various medium (screen-print, embroidery...) as well as the style which is a product of the collaboration with Raffaella Lavezzi.

The brand's focus is on organic materials, as well as socially conscious production methods. As much as we can with respect to our suppliers. The product is entierely made in italy as a small contribution to support our "local" economy. We consider ourselves a small boutique brand, with an intimate approach...

drawings: Annalisa Pagetti

styling: Raffaella Lavezzi

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