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Apple of Eden ®

Apple of Eden ®

mise à jour 23 mars 2014

Chaussures femme, Chaussures hommes


Depuis 2010

Origine Hambourg

English | Deutsch

APPLE OF EDEN ® - Shoes from Paradise:

The trendy label Apple of Eden is a German-Portuguese co-production that might be young, but is already very successful. The movers and shakers of Apple of Eden from Hamburg combine their extensive experience in the shoe business and their unfailing feel for trends, colors, and styles with traditional Portuguese production knowhow. They follow the latest high fashion trends around the world and apply them directly in summer and winter collections produced in small-scale shoe factories in Portugal.

Regular updates in the form of between-season collections ensure that even trend junkies will not be disappointed. Elegant flats, colorful sporty sneakers, and ankle boots: Apple of Eden offers the entire bandwidth of trendy footwear styles, ideally matched to the target group of the young and young-at-heart. The understated designs and optimum comfort of the shoes from Apple of Eden make them genuine all-rounders that will enhance every outfit. Quality plays an important part: only selected, high-quality leathers and materials from Italy, Spain, and Portugal are used in the manufacture. But it is not just the quality that is exquisite; the prices are attractive too.

Retail prices are around 60-100 euros for summer models and 70-160 euros for winter models. The shoes are mainly sold at numerous individual textile and shoe boutiques, because Apple of Eden is particularly successful in the company of creative fashion. From the fall of 2013, men will also be able to look forward to stylish footwear. In Germany, Apple of Eden is represented by INTERSCARPA Schuhagentur from Hamburg: The company is currently searching for committed sales agencies to market the brand throughout Europe.

You can also see and buy online at:,,,,,

Apple of Eden ®
Shoes made in Paradise
Friedrich Lüning/CEO


214 Magasins pour Apple of Eden ®