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mise à jour 25 novembre 2010

Vêtements femme, Vêtements homme


Depuis 2008

Origine Singapour

Ardentees is an intriguing visual exploration of the symbiotic relation between fashion and art. We bring to you the creative brainchild of the most promising artists on a wearable canvas.

Our prêt-à-porter line serves a fundamental purpose of advocating artists and the arts. By collaborating with the wave of creative talents yet untapped, we provide an avenue to artistically experiment, carte blanche. In addition, we hope to promote and support the arts through their showcase and dissemination.

ARDT is painstakingly created for the discerning. Not just original, but experimental. Not just inspired, but emboldened. Not just modern, but progressive. We aspire to be at the pulse of artistic creation, that is, at the heart of all individuals, the creator, and that who is created for.


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