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mise à jour 10 juin 2013

Vêtements femme, Accessoires, Accessoires maison

Maria Hog Heilmann, Marie Worsaae

Depuis 2005

We are proud to present our 8th collection of sustainable, luxurious knitwear of the finest and softest llama

wool from the arid highlands of Bolivia. - This season, we are also introducing a beautiful blend of cashlama

and silk and chunky organic cotton in the natural color of the cotton fields.

Our softly knitted silhouettes and structures are Spring’s finest expression of luxury.

Fall in love with extraordinary hand knitted pieces, beautiful, essential and soft blouses, cardigans, tops,

dresses and scarves as well as a luxurious home collection of pillows, plaids and bedspreads.

We are continuously eager to develop Aymara to be a frontrunner of a brand combining luxury goods with

sustainability. We aim to keep our quality standard always - to develop new techniques within knitwear and use the unique skills of the Bolivians. We stay true to what we are best at and keep creating and innovating to obtain long lasting beautiful products that transcends seasons.

Aymara is rooted in quality and love for Bolivia and Bolivian made garments. Aside from our hard work in

developing the working and environmental conditions at the factory in Bolivia we donate 1 usd for every sold

item to our childcare project in La Paz.

There is still some way to go to fulfill all our goals for Aymara, but we are convinced that with our diligent effort to improve conditions in Bolivia we will succeed. We hope that you will support our efforts.